Lily is a student gameproject from CNAM – Enjmin (Angoulême, France).
The game is released and you can download it here

Download Lily

This project intends to dive the player in Lily’s mind : a young girl with schizophrenia.  We don’t pretend to perform a medical, therapeutic or scientific game and the depicted symptoms will only be the metaphorical and non-exhaustive vision of the researches and possible testimonies we collected. However, we desire to demystify  the representation of people suffering from a mental illness in video games.
For this, we involved researchers, patients, and associations to avoid the misconceptions.

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About us

William Desert


Maxime Perault


Lise Sourlier

3D Artist

Robin Richard

Sound Designer

Victor Girard

Game Designer

Anaïtis de France

UX – UI Designer