Lily is an under-development student game from CNAM – Enjmin (Angoulême, France).

This project intends to dive the player in Lily’s mind : a young girl with psychotics disorders.  We don’t pretend to perform a medical, therapeutic or scientific game and the  depicted symptoms will  only be the metaphorical and non-exhaustive vision of the researches and possible testimonies we’ll collect. However, we desire to demystify  the representation of people suffering from a mental illness in video games.

We want to show that these people can live, and shine, despite their illness.

For this, we would like to involve caregivers, patients, and associations to bring us the necessary material for the realization of this project and avoid the misconceptions. If you want to participate in the development of the project through your testimonials, opinions or feelings, contact us.  

Your voice is precious. 


Send us a message for any questions, testimonials, opinions or feelings.

About us

William Desert


Maxime Perault


Lise Sourlier

3D Artist

Robin Richard

Sound Designer

Victor Girard

Game Designer

Anaïtis de France

UX – UI Designer